Last Chance to get Your Halloween Costume ....

Just a few days now until we celebrate Halloween on 31st October.  Also known as All Hallow's Eve, Halloween is a time for pumpkin carving, apple bobbing, dressing up and trick or treating.

Through the ages, various supernatural entities including fairies, witches and Wizards came to be associated with Halloween, and more than a century ago in Ireland, the event was said to be a time when spirits of the dead could return to their old haunting grounds. So dressing up as ghosts and skeletons became fashionable.  As the Occasion has became more widespread and commercialised the selection of costumes for kids has greatly expanded beyond Monsters to include everything from Animals to Princesses and Superheroes - one of the most popular costume choices for Halloween 2016!

If you haven't got your Halloween costumes yet, you will find lots of lovely, quality, washable costumes in our shop which can be used for Halloween, then again for other occasions later in the year.




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