Magic Fairy Dust Glitter Gift Set

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Our Fairy Dust Glitter Gift set will delight fairy lovers everywhere.

The glittering dust that falls from fairies wings when they fly has been put into sweet little bottles with coloured stoppers.

Each of our Fairy Dust Glitter Gift Sets contains 3 bottles, one each in Pink, White and Mauve.

How to use Fairy Dust Glitter:

  • Make a magic wish - throw a pinch of Fairy Dust into the air as you wish 
  • Make your face and arms sparkle to look like a real Fairy or Princess - rub a little Fairy Dust onto skin as required
  • Make your hair sparkle - sprinkle in hair or wear on eyelids for a glamorous look at parties 
  • Look out for fairy dust under the pillow when the tooth fairy pays a visit! 

One of our most popular items, this delightfully packaged Fairy Dust Glitter Gift Set makes a lovely girls present. 

Please note that fairy dust colours may vary from those shown.

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